Health Benefits of Jucing

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We all know that green, leafy vegetables are good for our body and general health but do we know why?

Well, apart from lots of fiber, greens contain Chlorophyll which, during Photosynthesis, uses sunlight as an energy source and draws carbon dioxide from the air through the pores of the leaves. Before you start ingesting green, chlorophyll rich juice or start a juicing diet to aid weight loss it is advisable to learn a little about how the process can work for you.

Chlorophyll plays a crucial role in producing food for the plant by synthesizing simple sugars (glucose) from sunlight + CO2 (Carbon dioxide) + H20 (Water) in the process of photosynthesis. The by-product of photosynthesis is, of course, Oxygen.

The chemical structure of Chlorophyll is almost identical to that of heamoglobin found in the blood in our bodies – thechlorophyll rich juices difference is that haemoglobin uses an iron (Fe) atom to carry oxygen, where as chlorophyll uses Magnesium (Mg) as an oxygen carrier.

Photosynthesis is the opposite of Respiration where we humans and the animals breathe out carbon dioxide. We have used the water and carbon dioxide which has been converted into sugars and Oxygen during Photosynthesis to create the energy necessary to keep our bodies working. As we breathe out carbon dioxide via Respiration, the plants take in that carbon dioxide and the cycle starts over again.

Amazingly the carbon dioxide balance in the air has been relatively stable for millennia, however, in recent times the human race, through burning fuel, coal, gas etc., has pumped more carbon dioxide into the air than the plants on earth can process and hence we have Global Warming.

Greens vegetables and plants have a cleansing effect through our body’s elimination systems which, in turn, cleans the blood and lymph fluid and cells. With a clean internal system our body remains efficient and functions correctly developing natural immunity to most common diseases and other medical problems.

Chinese medicine teaches that a lot of health problems stem from some kind of blockage within the body and Western physicians understand this. However, Chinese medicine is more advanced for people who appreciate the power of nature because it focuses on prevention rather than cure and clears the blockages mostly using herbs and plant material.

That said, our bodies are basically suffering because our organs, glands, muscles and systems are clogged up with waste, drugs and chemical residue. Juicing using green vegetable juices is a great option for cleansing your body internally.

Green, chlorophyll rich juices may not taste the best on their own but they can be mixed with fruits following many of the juice recipes available or just using your imagination.

Many people understand the healing and cleansing action of greens and green juices and are using them in their daily diet. If you are suffering any health problems at all consider juicing greens and eating more leafy, Mediterranean style salads every day.

An adequate amount of undiluted green juice to have every day would be approximately 0.5 to 1 fl ounces, however, many people drink four to five ounces of straight green juice per day.

When starting out you should mix the green juice with other fruit juices or vegetables to dilute it’s strength and improve the flavor. Overdosing on green juice will not normally do any harm but it can cause your system to detoxify rapidly which may cause some discomfort.

You can also blend the juice with the fiber into a smoothie and consume more per day as it will take longer for your body to digest and therefore you will not detoxify too quickly.

If you do have health problems and want to consume serious amounts of green juice on a daily basis please check with your doctor first.

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